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This WordPress plugin may symbolize the hope and enthusiasm of an entire generation

Hello Dolly is in the top 6 WordPress most popular plugins (which is pretty amazing considering it already comes packaged with every new WordPress installation). However, not everybody is a fan:-
Tom Ewer – “Why include a plugin that is of no use to us whatsoever? You might claim it is a bit of fun – I claim it is a pain in the ass that I don’t need.
Paul Oyler – “This has always been the first plugin I delete
filoveg – “Useless piece of s
The Path – “Meh
Ju Chun Ko – “I like it
kiwinho – “Plugin inservible que no vale para nada. No entiendo como lo ponen en la instalación de origen.”

Light at the end of the tunnel

Light Saber plugin is everything Hello Dolly should have been. You are guaranteed to be at least 5% more focused and productive by using this plugin*. Light Saber symbolizes the hope and enthusiasm of an entire generation. May the force be with you and stay on target.



1 – Download the zip in this post.
2 – Go to your WordPress admin panel. Click on Plugin » Add New. Then click on the Upload Tab.
3 – Browse for the file and upload it (zip files only).
4 – Activate the plugin.
5 – You are now using the force.

Download on

*Disclaimer – This plugin is just a bit of fun and serves no real purpose

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