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Google makes a new logo.. and it looks like something out of kindergarten

It’s never a good move to hate on a newly redesigned logo (except the infamous Gap redesign of course – I think we can all agree that well and truly sucked). Why? Because instinctively we all hate change at first, especially if it’s a large, familiar brand that we have come to know well. People hate change at the best of times. Then the weeks and months go by. We’ve seen the logo for a million times and it’s become so familiar to us that our reaction “I love it” or “I hate it” is now irrelevant. We know it, it’s familiar, and that’s fine.

So, why did Google feel the need to change their current logo to resemble something that could be argued looks like it was aimed squarely at children of school age? Let’s refer to Google themselves..

Google is not a conventional company. Our mission—to take the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful—continues to evolve. Last year we introduced Material Design to help designers and developers embrace an expanding, multi-device, multi-screen world. With those considerations in mind, we are excited to share a new brand identity that aims to make Google more accessible and useful to our users—wherever they may encounter it


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