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This post discusses how to promote your website without paying for services like MOZ Pro. Believe it or not there a are a lot of things you can do without paying out what is actually a considerable amount per month. In the case of MOZ Pro, whilst no doubt a good tool, the medium pack which lets you track up to 10 campaigns (which isn’t a lot) will set you back $149 per month. If you’d like to track more campaigns, say up to 100, the price rises to a whopping $599 per month.

After an initial trial of MOZ Pro it wasn’t without its faults either. One thing that seems to be a common issue is its inability to crawl websites using SNI SSL, an issue that’s been flagged 2 years ago but still seems to be causing headaches.

And truth be told, a lot of the features you get in the paid plan you can actually utilise for free anyway, although there are daily limits on the keyword research tool for example. They have plenty of free resources available for beginners. This includes MOZ blog, YouMoz, Backlink research tool, Beginners SEO Guide, Beginners guide to link building, and Whiteboard Fridays to mention a few.

Other tools

Yoast SEO
If you are using WordPress (which I would recommend if you are planning a content marketing strategy) then Yoast SEO will help you enormously to not only make your site SEO friendly but also to write content that is good for users. After a while of using it you will start writing without even thinking about it too much. It’s good training for free. Combine that with MOZ keyword research tool and you are onto a winner.

Google Search Console
This will help you to track issues with your site as well as monitor URL’s that have been tracked by Google and many other things to keep you in control of your site promotion.

If you are happy to pay for MOZ, the prices start at $99 per month for 5 campaigns (plus other benefits). It would probably be best if you fit into the following criteria though:-

  • You have basic SEO knowledge and want to go advanced
  • You are an analytic geek. You love numbers and graphs
  • You do SEO for multiple sites of yours, or you do SEO for clients, or you do SEO for your business website

If you are just starting out and have no real idea about SEO, save money by first reading their free beginners guide and utilising the other free things mentioned earlier. Then follow their blog for a while before signing up for MOZ Pro.

If you have any personal favourites not mentioned here please add them in the comments below.

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