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Twitter Pinning its Future on Live Video

Twitter’s share price is currently trending around an all time low of $14 a share. Despite Twitter’s user growth continuing to accelerate its revenues are dropping. The company still isn’t profitable, but it highlighted the fact that its losses shrunk by about 23 percent to

Instagram automation site “Instagress” gets shut down

tl;dr – It’s not cool to buy followers In case you haven’t heard about Instagress or similar programs, the idea is this: You link up your Instagram account, set up hashtags, and Instagress will automatically ‘like’ and sometimes even comment for you without having you

Free tools for seo – MOZ Pro alternatives

This post discusses how to promote your website without paying for services like MOZ Pro. Believe it or not there a are a lot of things you can do without paying out what is actually a considerable amount per month. In the case of MOZ

Roadmap to becoming a web developer in 2017

If you are just starting out as a web developer you have chosen an exciting but sometimes confusing career path. The field of web development is moving very quickly, and coding languages and practices change almost on a daily basis.