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Monthly Archives: September 2015

What’s new in Bootstrap 4. A beginners guide

If you work in the web industry it is highly likely that Bootstrap has appeared in your workflow at some point or other, either through personal preference or because your client has requested it. If you are new to Bootstrap there are a few naming

Minimal design – simple line drawn celebrities

Capturing a likeness using just a few simple lines is no easy feat. This case study by graphic designer Dorian Legret aims to capture the appearance of well known celebrities and public figures using just a few line strokes. I admit, some are a little

CodePen #1- Weekly round-up of favourites

This weeks round-up of CodePen demonstrations are courtesy of Pawel Kuna, Mario Barría, Fabrizio Bianchi and Lucas Bebber and they all have one thing in common. The effects are created using a combination of HTML and CSS only. Edit: This post type has been deprecated.